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To whom it may concern:

Client called back. Apparently his previous web guy told him that once his site was up, his secretary could maintain it, add pages and post updates to it.

I told my client, "Yes, your secretary can, if she is . . .

. . . very good with Word / WordPerfect tables and text boxes, etc.

. . . knows / learns one of the top web page creation / maintenance software applications.

. . . comfortable with hard drive paths, folder / sub-folders structure.

. . . very comfortable doing backing up / restoring of files.

. . . keen on keeping track of document revisions, version control and archives.

. . . always at the computer doing graphics, writing, creating or corresponding.

. . . editor of a newsletter or assistance editor of a newsletter.

. . . sharp and knows / or will learn several graphics editing programs.

. . . into digital photos, scanning, balancing color, brightness, contrast, intensity and picture editing.

. . . able to edit / create graphics such as bmp, tiff, png, jpg and gif.

. . . a good trouble shooter, comfortable with telephone tech support and long hours.

. . . comfortable with long hours at the computer.

. . . able to compress jpg and gif effectively and convert to screen resolution for the web.

. . . able to retain / keep / track original graphics before converting to lousy  jpg and gif web formats.

. . . a person who understands the pixel differences of printer and different screen resolutions.

. . . a loyal and long time (and will continue to be) employee (maybe the wife / husband ?).

. . . interested, has the time, without interruptions, and the patience to put in long hours and days.

. . . doing it several days a week so as not to forget / lose the knowledge and stuff memorize.

. . . doing it now several days a week and will continue, making it cost effective.

. . . always pursuing addition education, training and learning new stuff all the time.

. . . willing to put up with deadlines, long and late hours at the computer.

. . . knowledgeable on the internet, loves research and has great patience.

Yes, your secretary guru can maintain your Web Site. Or. let us help you by sending us your materials and payment - Let us do it for you.

Do what you do best... Deal with customers and run your business. Let us maintain Web Site.

Think about it.



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