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12 tips for an effective website
6 tips for website usability
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CHECKLIST for an Effective Web Site

  1. SPEED. Users have eight seconds of patience while waiting for your page to load. It's like eating out, "keep me waiting and I will leave your restaurant and never return." This is especially true for your home page visitorís first time visit.
  2. PERSONALITY. When the first screen from your Web Site appears on someone's monitor, it should portray your business in a distinctive light and distinguish itself from the competition.
  3. ENJOYMENT. Wording and design should blend together to create a positive user experience.
  4. EASE OF USE. Make your site easy to learn. A good site should be like good software. You should not need a manual to learn how to use it. Create a logical flow and include good navigation menus or buttons. Design your site so that people can always guess right.
  5. FUNCTIONALITY. Don't let a prospect get lost. Make it clear how to get from place to place on you site.
  6. CONTENT. Useless content is worthless. Fancy photos, animated pictures or music are no substitutes for useful, meaningful content. Present something worthwhile to read and look at.
  7. CONSISTENCY. Conform to a standard and consistent style and stick to it. Don't have "Road Show", "road-show" and "road show" on the same page. A pro with good editing skills reads all wording before it goes to the web.
  8. FEEDBACK. Give users a way make suggestions, ask for clarification or offer you praise. Make it very easy for them to contact you, not just through your web site. Display phone/fax numbers, e-mail and snail mail addresses. There are fewer collisions on one-way streets, but it's hard to turn around if you're going the wrong way.
  9. SATISFACTION. Give visitors what they expect. If you sell, If you're a photographer, display pictures. If you sell books, show people how to buy them. If you run a visitor center, give people a reason to visit. Sometimes give people what we want instead of what they want.
  10. YOUR GOALS. Strive for a quick-loading, well-designed, solidly written, easily maneuverable and understandable web site that is pleasantly interactive, meaningful, and distinctively yours.
  11. USER GOALS. Visitors to your site want information more than entertainment, and convenient surfing without being distracted by advertising banners, pop-ups, or display gimmicks.
  12. REVIEW. Ask outsiders to your site, look over their shoulder and document their experiences. Watch them navigate. Note their body language as pages appear on the monitor. Most importantly, let them control the mouse. Change your site to meet user actions.

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