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CPI is proud to be a Dell Partner and a Microsoft Partner

We do it, you help:


Collect as many of these items as you can:

Your business card, letterhead, and envelope
Your logo artwork and any advertising brochures or flyers
Copy of your newspaper, magazine or yellow pages ads
Photo of your place of business, office, show or waiting room,
Description and photos of your products or services
Information on products you carry, advertising or promotions
Competitor's advertising or promotions, their Web Site name
A deposit check for $100 payable to CPI.


  • Your Web Site Domain Name ( registered for two years, in your name, as the owner. The registration of your name is  renewable yearly, currently only $14.95 per year.
  • HOSTING Your Web Site hosted on the World Wide Web (The Internet) for one year.
  • SETUP (one time) of the hosting site for your Web Site
  • "Publishing" your Web pages to your Web Site host's computer.
  • One Web Site home page and up to two additional pages are included. A page is about a 8 " x 11" piece of paper; as viewed on your computer monitor. This is up to 300 words, 1 - 3 scanned pictures, up to 6 links per page.
  • INQUIRY e-mail link on your Web Site that may be used by people visiting your web site, forwarded to your existing email address and IP account.
  • Your very own and unique e-mail address,
  • KEYWORD Meta tags - title, description and keywords embedded in your Web Page for the many search engine spider inquiries your Web Site may receive.

There are many pages (billions, maybe trillions) on the World Wide Web, we suggest you include your Web Site name on your literature, stationary, business cards, advertising, handouts or mailings. These are a few of the many methods used to inform the public. Your web site is to supplement your business, not be your business. Advertise and be known.

  • Backup copy of your Web Site pages, pictures, etc., on disk.
  • Affordable ongoing support, updates, changes or additions. 
    Examples are Picture Scanning, conversion and preparation: $20.00 per image, Updating text or non-custom graphics on an existing page: $25.00 per page, Add a page: From $60.00, Renew Hosting and hosting technical support: $324.00/year.

Working from materials you provide, register your Web Site name,, you as the owner,  create your Web Site, publish this information to the World Wide Web and host for one year. Only $1,695.00

1 payment with your order of only $100 plus
3 additional payments of only
$239 each... a total of just $817.00

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Computer Things

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